Advanced Women's Mini-League (Feb)  Volleyball (Indoor) · Female Advanced / CLUB-A

February Mini-League
Feb 12 ’14
Mar 5 ’14
Registration Dates:
Feb 7 ’14 – Feb 19 ’14 regular

Women's 6's

Team Fees
Regular $25.00 per player
Free Agent Fees

A mini-league is a four week long organized open gym. For the first 3 weeks, each team will play round-robin (i.e., play each other twice for a total of 4 sets per team each night.

Week 4 will be the playoffs. Semi-finals (2nd vs 3rd Place), then the Semi-final Winner vs the 1st Place team.

For ALL MATCHES, the team that is sitting must ref and keep score.

Format: Women's 6's
max 8 per team

3/5 (playoffs)

Cost will only be $175 per team (for a 7 person team, that's $25 a person for FOUR weeks of v-ball)

NOTE: League will utilize a group 'free agent' pool in other words if you can't field 6 rostered players, just let me know what position player you need and we'll find you a SUB

NOTE: Free Agents must pay $10 per event
NOTE: you must be a FT (rostered) player to participate in the PLAYOFFS

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